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Good Day is the go-to place for all young women, their friends, and their family. It’s for the ones they listen to, admire, and aspire to be. It’s for those still defining who they are and what they stand for, and for those who’ve got it all figured it out. was designed to be a positive, supportive community that helps young women act with intention, pursue their dreams, and leave their imprint on the world.

What makes GoodDay work is the unstoppable force we’re building. This community will help connect girls, get them talking, guide them, and cheer them on along their journey. There are enough voices telling them they can’t. The Good Day Community will be here shouting “YES, YOU CAN!”

Be More YOU

YOU are the only YOU there is and YOU are amazing!
We know girls are filled with unlimited potential. Within each of you lies passion, creativity, courage, and so much more. It’s time to take all that possibility and let it loose.

It’s time to discover what lights you up and what makes a regular old day a really good day.  Whatever that is for you, it’s time to TURN. IT. UP.

See how others are making good things happen and how you can get involved. Hear from Good Day Ambassador Sara Lindquist and others on what makes a day a good day for them. Then, use your talents and gifts and create a good day for yourself and those around you!

Grow Your


Ever watch a ripple in the water? It creates motion and momentum. And when you try to stop it, you just create more.

You can have that same impact by joining the Good Day community. Together you’ll support and encourage each other, challenge one another to aim higher, and feed off the good vibes around you. And the entire Good Day community will be behind you, celebrating your success. As your circle grows, so will your impact. We can’t wait to see what you can do.

Join the unstoppable movement designed to inspire dreams, ignite courage and empower outrageous success.

Spread Joy

Did you every have a certain someone that just made your day? You might not even be able to put into words what it was. You just know that you’re a better person when you’re around them and after they leave, you can’t wait to see them again. They’ve just got that something. That positive, optimistic, contagious energy.

So do you. Within you burns a flame that can ignite that same feeling in others and we’re challenging you to let it out. It doesn’t take a lot of money or skill, either. It’s in reach for all of us.

Smile. Say something kind. Be positive and sincere. Give others a boost. Be the kind of person that makes others wake up happy and excited to make it a great day.

I'm gonna change the world

Great ideas can come from anywhere and your potential is limited only by your imagination. The Good Day community is here to turn ideas into reality just like these girls did. Are you ready? Let’s join forces and change the world ► 

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