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Tips to Turn Back-to-School Blahs to Bliss

Tips to Turn Back-to-School Blahs to Bliss

Do you ever feel like summer should get a speeding ticket?

Stores stock back-to-school supplies
before the first mosquito bites and then next thing you know, you’re scrambling to grab the last college-rule notebook with perforated pages! 

How do you say good-bye to summer and get the school year started on a happy note?

To answer that question, we turned to the Good Day squad
for insight. Here’s what two of you had to say:

SquadSpeak: Make Each Day a Good Day –
School Edition

Samantha, 16, High School Junior

  1. Give your room a pick-me-up
    Decorate your room with pictures and sayings that you love.Get rid of old clothes, and put your favorites where they are easy to find. Starting you morning off in a bright and organized space is a sure way to get a good day going.

    (Tip: The Good Day Collection is full of day brighteners like the “Best Day Ever” tapestry. Pour your favorite morning beverage into the “Happy Today” tumbler.)

  2. Get a new planner and fill it out
    Fill in dates of upcoming events that you’re looking forward to: 1st home football or soccer game, homecoming, days when your college siblings (or boyfriend) will be home.

    (Tip: Check out the Good Vibes Only planner is showcasing this month.)

  3. Make lunch plans
    Figure out who’s in your lunch period and where you want to meet. Lunch is the best time to connect and talk with friends. Plus, you need a good lunch to get through a long school day, so pack your own, unless you really love cafeteria food!

  4. Get to school early
    Make the extra effort to get up when your alarm goes off (the first time!). It’s no fun feeling panicked and rushed. Get up early so you have plenty of time to get ready, eat breakfast and get to your locker with time to visit friends. If you’re really ambitious, get up early enough to get some coffee with friends.

  5. Be kind
    Try to focus on other people and help them out. Smile at everyone you see. Ask questions. The more you give the more you’ll get. And it will definitely make you happier.

  6. BONUS TIP: Don’t stress!
    Keep things in perspective. Remember that you’ll have good days and bad days, so focus on the good. High school should be some of the best days and just remember the grade you get on a math test or the boy that ignores you truly won’t be a big deal in a couple of years! 

Mira, 20, College Junior

  1. Get (& stay) organized
    Most professors will post a digital copy of their class syllabus online – read it BEFORE class starts and KEEP it through the semester. It has a lot of important information that is great to keep handy like contact info, policies, how grading will work and what the professor expects. Sometimes they get updated during the semester, so be ready to repeat.

  2. Be “all in”
    There’s time for fun and there’s time for studies. Whatever time it is, be all there. If you’re studying, then get all you can out of it. Even though you were a straight A student and didn’t have to study in high school, you will regret not studying in college. If you’re hanging out with friends, have fun! You are likely building some of the best memories that you’ll be laughing and smiling about for years to come.

  3. Talk to your professor.
    You want your profs to know you by name, so talk to them. They are experts in what they teach. Whether you’re struggling in class or not, meeting up during office hours lets them know that you care and you’re trying. Who knows? The relationship that develops could be how you meet other important people, get into a critical “full” class or an elite research program, or it could lead to awesome career options in the future.

  4. Make time to work out
    With a crazy schedule (especially if you’re working too), regular exercise is often the first “to do” to go. Be sure to schedule time to eat right and work out. (USE YOUR PLANNER!) It will help with focus, stress, energy and other cognitive benefits. I don’t know all the science behind why, but I know that when I stop working out regularly, other things start to fall apart too.

  5. Join at least one extracurricular
    Joining an organization or an intermural sports team helps you connect with your school and different people with a shared interest. One of the best things about college is trying new things and it will be an important part of your resume.

Do you have a tip to share with the Good Day squad?  Tell us in the comments below!

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