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The Strength of a Squad – 5 Tips to Find Yours

The Strength of a Squad – 5 Tips to Find Yours

My son plays college football and every game day while the spotlights pan the crowd and apps flash green and gold, the stadium speakers boom this iconic phrase:

“For the strength of the herd is the Bison and the strength of the Bison is the herd.”

For my son and his teammates, being part of this “herd” means being part of a unique family.

Do you have a special group like that? Maybe your sports team won a championship, and you bonded over your victory. Maybe your jazz quartet practicedtirelessly to make it to the next level of competition. Maybe your robotics team took home the big trophy. It’s a pretty terrific feeling, isn’t it?

By nature, we crave to be a part of something bigger. We simply want to belong to something unique—a group where we “just fit” and can be ourselves. Sports teams are an obvious one, but you don’t have to survive tryouts to have that special bond that being a part of something creates. There are lots of different groups that you can join—whether they are official or completely random.

Sometimes though, when we haven’t found ourgroup (or it hasn’t discovered us), life can get a little lonely.
Don’t give up. Keep looking! There are young women, just like you, seeking to find their squads too.
Here are five tips to help you find your group:

1) Be Intentional – Go where people gather that do the things you love. Like art? Visit a museum. Love books? Attend a book signing. Let others see the kinds of things that you’re into. In the words of the poet Rumi, “Be with those who help your being.”

2) Go Beyond the Surface – Who knows? Someone f rom your squad might be standing right next you in line at the coffee shop, but if you dismiss her because her outfit is a little odd or she ordered
something you think tastes disgusting, you might have just passed up your new BFF. Give others a
chance. Look past the surface and into the soul underneath.

3) Find the Good in Social Media – We all know the negativity and drama that comes with a virtual
world, but it can be a source for good. Follow the right people. Listen to podcasts on topics that
inspire or intrigue you. Comment and share. Instagram and Pinterest are good sites for find
ing those who share your interests .

4) Join Something – Watch boards, blogs and other social media for groups that feed your passion and join up! It may take more than one try to find the right fit. Of course, it goes without saying to be sure to check them out first or get approval if you’re under 18.

5) Be Bold – When you find someone that shares your vibe, invite them to be a part of your squad.
Don’t be shy. Take action. Tell them what you see in them that inspires or motivates you. And then
tell others what you’re up to.

What about you? Who is part of your team? Have any tips for those still looking for theirs? Comment to share your ideas for making real connections. You never know who might read
it and realize they want to join your squad!

Helping you find your team is one of the reasons is here, and you’re officially invited to be a part of our squad!

Kara uses her creative and strategic skills to develop differentiated value propositions, positioning, and impactful inbound and outbound messaging. After nearly 25 years with a global technology company, Kara enjoys the challenge of helping a diverse clientele shape their unique narratives and bring them to life with authentic, compelling copy.

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