Good Day for a Good Day

Turn more days into good days

Each day we have an opportunity to choose how we respond to what happens to us and around us. We can immerse ourselves in the things that encourage us, lift us up, and make us feel good. We can find ways to help others have a good day. It can be as simple as a smile or a compliment.

When you join the Good Day movement, you add your energy, excitement, and experience to help create a world filled with optimism, caring, confidence, gratitude, and joy.

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For Good Day Ambassador Sara Lindquist, music makes it a good day. It lifts her up and offers a way to share stories and inspire others. Check out Good Stuff for some of her favorites. Making it to Sara’s playlist is no easy task. The songs must be inspirational, filled with optimism and empowering energy. The title track from her debut EP “It’s a Good Day for a Good Day” was the inspiration for

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Whether you’re a D1 athlete or joining a neighborhood pick-up game, having a healthy lifestyle, high energy, and a commitment to teamwork are critical to your success. While every game isn’t a winning one, playing a sport can be a rewarding way to make it a good day.

Competing at the next level takes an “I can do this” attitude. With practice, academics, and workouts, student athletes often feel a whole new level of stress and pressure. Check out Sara’s story to see how she made it work.

Hear how other student athletes moved from the neighborhood game to become national or global competitive athletes. Learn how to make the transition once your eligibility is over. Have you walked (or played) in these shoes? How did you create more good days in the process? We’d like to hear your story.

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The Collaboration Engine

So how do we turn this Good Day idea into reality? By doing the same things that we’re encouraging young women to do.

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If you share our vision of what’s possible, if you can rally around and encourage young women to believe they have what it takes to make a difference and if you’ve got ideas and experience to share, we hope you’ll join us. We’re cultivating a pretty remarkable virtual community—available 24/7 for support, inspiration and ideas. Join the Good Day Community ►

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We’re pulling together a little good news for a good day—a vast array of stories, tips, tricks, and other inspirational material to help us have more good days. We hope you’ll be a part of the process and your ideas by signing up and submitting your finds. Tell us your Good News story ►

We’re collaborating

We know that powerful things happen when we join forces with like-minded organizations that share our mission to lift others up, encourage and help young women question their perspective, practice optimism, and focus on their goals. We’re happy to promote and work with organizations, corporations, and industry leaders that empower girls, inspire possibilities, provide opportunities, and support their initiatives and dreams.
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We’re spreading joy

Need a little Good Day pick-me- up? Check out the Good Day Collection. Want to really dig in and make a difference? The Good Day Ambassador program might be the thing for you. If you’re ready to help lead the way, contact us at Be a part of the movement and add your organizational power to ours through the Good Day Community.

Share our vision? Want to collaborate and help move the needle? Contact us to discuss how we can work together to achieve our goals.

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The Good Day Collection

Making every day a good day isn’t always easy. To help inspire more good days, we’re creating the ”Good Day Collection.“ It’s filled with all sorts of products, services, and events that help spread the power of optimism.That might be a mug, t-shirts, home décor, music, books, or activities…anything that gives off good vibes.

Got something that radiates positivity or just makes you smile? Contact us to get them added to the collection!

Stand Up

Good Day is building a community where young girls feel heard and validated, not judged. A community where they can get access to our most positive resources and practical tools like articles, ebooks, worksheets, and podcasts, along with a dose of positivity from the Good Day community. Together we’re helping girls stand up, step up, and change the world.