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Good Day’s Guide to Gratitude

Good Day’s Guide to Gratitude

A note from the Good Day team: This month is a wonderful month to be thankful. We’re excited and grateful for our guest blogger this month – Kirsten Stave. Who are you thankful for? Take a moment to tell them.

The day before a big final, I came back from lunch to find a small note sitting on my desk at work. In the card, a coworker had written me a poem about – you guessed it – stress. The poem was silly and the rhymes were a bit of a stretch, but her intention wasn’t to become the next Robert Frost. Instead, the couple minutes it took my coworker to jot down a few funny stanzas changed the course of my day. Her small act of compassion allowed me a moment of grace and gratitude that reminded me to stop, take a breath, and smile.

As life gets busier, it’s all too easy to get swept into that chaos. When we find ourselves wishing for more hours in the day as we rush from practice to clubs to school to work, it can seem harder to slow down and appreciate those who brighten our life. The wonderful thing about gratitude is that even the simplest act of kindness creates the same joy in your own heart. In fact – research suggests that cultivating gratitude not only makes us happier, but healthier too!

Here are five tips on how to cultivate gratitude:

  1. Thank Someone for Their Superpower – Think of someone who impacts your life in a positive way every day. Someone who could use a reminder of how truly amazing and special they are. Someone who cultivates gratitude for others. Call out their wonderful trait – whether it is their patience, determination, sense of humor – and let them know how much you appreciate it. Be specific, and highlight exactly what makes them – them.  
  2. Use Your Own Superpower – Be a powerful force for good. What’s your superpower? Are you a good listener? An artist? Use your unique gift to benefit others!  
  3. Be Intentional – The next time you’re chatting with someone, take time to listen with intention. Be attentive by showing interest and compassion. When we get busy and life feels hectic, it’s easy to rush through something as commonplace as conversation. It can mean the world to take a few extra moments to show you care.  
  4. Write It Down – Cultivating gratitude becomes a habit when we practice. One way to do this daily is by keeping a Gratitude Journal. By recording and reflecting on the joy you’ve experienced and the joy you’ve created can propel you forward! 
  5. Take A Moment – At the end of the day, we’re in control of how we cultivate gratitude. The most important person to show gratitude for is…. *drumroll*…YOU. Every single day that you show up with the intention to give it your best – that matters. Showing ourselves gratitude, even and especially on tougher days, can put situations into a clearer perspective.  

How do you practice gratitude? Do you recall a time someone changed your day by showing you compassion? Comment below and share your tips with us! 

Here at Good Day we are so grateful for you – thank you! 

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