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We’re building a community of like-minded people who want to help girls everywhere make every day a good day, and we can’t do it alone.
Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved.


Add your voice! Are you an expert on or enthusiast for a Good Day topic like empowerment, self-esteem, or tackling challenges with confidence? Do you have experience mentoring girls, teens, or young women? Want to help give girls a voice or share your experience?

Tell us about an event you’ll be speaking at and showcase your knowledge by speaking at our Good Day events. Point us to your latest blog, share your go-to resources for inspiration. Be a guest blogger or pitch your self-help tools and tips. Simply get in touch and let us know how we can work together on making more good days and promote the good things you’re already doing.


Spread the news. We need help getting the word out that the Good Day community is growing and looking for people to share their unique perspective and successes, and to encourage others along the way. We’d love to hear about some of the good things you’re doing or that you’re seeing happen around you. Share your stories with us, tell us about what other people or organizations are doing to make it a good day. And we’re always looking for writers, speakers, and information about related events that help promote good days. Let us know how you’d like to help others choose happy. Contact Us ►


The Good Day calendar is building. We’ll showcase Good Day events, of course, but it’s also intended to be a one-stop shop for any and all events that are happening everywhere with a focus on inspiring and empowering girls to make good things happen. Let us know about your event, so we can spread the news along with Good Day events, Sara sightings, special Ambassador activities, and more.

Have an event to add? Tell us about it at and we’ll add it to the collection.


Empowering girls is an ongoing initiative fueled by inspiration, passion, and a commitment to creating opportunities for girls everywhere. We’re assembling a team of Good Day Ambassadors committed to leading the transformation by standing up for girls, be their voice, add your experience, expertise and support to help girls succeed. Are you or someone you know ready to shine a light? Lead the way?

Contact us for details at:

Good Day Community

Interested in helping change the status quo? Want to help empower girls to be more, have more, do more? We’re building a community of individuals, companies and organizations who are focused on empowering girls to change the world and make every day a good day in the process.

Talk to us about adding your voice, your skills and your experience to the Good Day Community and your products/services to the Good Day Collection.

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Good Day Boosters

Making every day a good day is not always easy. It takes dedication, passion, and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to make it real. Regardless of your age, there are days when you just can’t do it alone. You need a boost; a community of like-minded people who’ve got your back and a robust collection of resources to help lift you up and guide you when the path’s not clear. And we’ve got it: books, music, gifts, inspirational messages, online resources, events and more. Connect with a Good Day Ambassador or mentor or read the latest Good News stories for inspiration and guidance. Reach out to the Good Day Community to connect with other girls and inspirational speakers.

Check out the Good Day Collection for events, activities, and resources to help turn an everyday into a good day! ►

Good Day Collection

Looking for fun, creative and inspirational materials, events, and resources to inspire. Check out the Good Day Collection. It’s filled with inspirational materials like mugs, t-shirts, home décor, wearables, events and activities, tips, tricks, and resources to help make every day a good day.

Are you or someone you know doing something that that inspires and empowers young women? Providing services and/or resources to help make it a good day for one person or thousands? Doing something that is transforming people’s lives, radiates positivity, or just makes you smile?

 Tell us about it and let’s add it to the collection ►