Good Day for a Good Day

A Little Good News

Need a pick-me-up? Want some motivation to get your day started right? Pumped to share a video that will make someone else smile? We’re talking about stories that make you feel good. That inspire you. That give you the motivation you need to do that thing that you’ve been hesitant to try. We are going to fill the Good News page with stories that will help shape more good days.

It might be a story about a random act of kindness. It could be photo that prompts one of those side-splitting, wonderful laughs that make you grin the rest of the day. It could be a snapshot of a simple idea that changed a life for the better. Whatever it is, we want the moments you spend on the Good News page to renew your belief that good things are happening around you.
At, we are celebrating people who are changing the way they view the world and what they can do to make a difference for others in simple, amazing, powerful, unexpected, feel-good kinds of ways.

Share your story. If it made a difference to you, it could do the same for someone else, too. Chances are, the Good Day community needs a little good news, too.

Let’s make it a Good Day. Share your good news! ►


Checking Good News is a great way to get started, but there are many ways to take part in the Good Day movement.

The Good Day Community is made up of people and organizations that share the Good Day purpose and are ready to add their voice and their experience to the movement. Find out how you can be a part of the good that’s happening and help us help others to choose happy. is an online community, but there’s nothing like a face-to-face meet up with your squad to get additional inspiration. Watch the Good Day Events Calendar to see what’s happening around you and look for ways you can take part.

Our Good Day Ambassadors are inspiring others to greet each day with an “WE GOT THIS” attitude and a desire to change the world around them. Want to be part of this special group of mentors? Contact us to learn more.

And be sure to stop by the Good Day Collection for inspirational materials, wearables, activities and resources to help you have more good days.

That’s just a peek at the good things that lie ahead when you come along with us.

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The Experience

Have you ever laid in bed at night and thought “Wow. Today was a really good day.” What was it about that day that made it good? It may not have been anything extraordinary. You had a good belly-aching laugh with a bestie. You aced a chem test. You stepped out of your comfort zone and it didn’t hurt. What makes a good day for you? What do you tell yourself to start the day? What’s the ritual that gets you out the door dressed in positivity and the confidence that you can make a difference? We want to know.

Tell us how you make a plain old regular day a GOOD DAY.

“A good day for me is _______.” Help us fill in the blank on our Contact us page.

Journey with Us

Where will your Good Day journey take you? Joining the journey means signing up to be a part of a movement and participating in any or all of the options we’ve listed here. But it’s more than that.

It’s knowing that you can make a difference. We aren’t just talking, people. We mean REALLY believing and embracing the idea that within you lies the change agent the world needs. It’s supporting and encouraging the dreams of your Good Day community. It’s participating and joining forces to make a difference to make more GOOD DAYS for yourself and for others. Who are you lifting up along the way?

Sign up now and let’s pave the path together 

The Good Stuff

Read it, hear it, learn all about it on The Good Stuff page. Here, you’ll find quick links to everything the Good Day community is reading, listening to, or watching for inspiration – coming soon. 

Sara's Picks

“I LOVE this “Cup of Sunshine mug because 1) it’s yellow (My favorite color) and 2) I love starting everyday with a cup of coffee in a mug that makes me feel like I’m being energized with joy and positivity.”

The Calendar

Stay tuned for the official Good Day events calendar, with featured events, Sara sightings, special Ambassador activities, and more. If you’re part of an organization that’s doing good things, or you’re doing something all by yourself that’s helping inspire young women to do incredible things, we want to be sure to list it on our Good Day Events Calendar and help spread the word. Let us know of a related event so we can spread the news.

Coming Soon

The Good Day calendar is building, so please share your events and check back often to see what’s happening, join the conversation and take part in online or in-person events.