Good Day for a Good Day

We’re on a Mission to Create the Good Day Movement

We’re on a Mission to Create the Good Day Movement

You don’t have to look very far these days to see a movement taking place. It might be in your neighborhood. It could be happening across the globe. Whether near or far, political or social, movements have POWER.They often start small. Just one person with a simple idea. That single conceptc an ignite a fire of shared passion in those around them. Together that community, centered upon one goal, can end up challenging and changing just about anything.

What if we could spark a movement for GOOD?
  • What if we could create a movement that encouraged young women to challenge the
    status quo?
  • What if we built an online community united around the purpose of empowering girls to change the world and make it better?
  • What if we used the power of a digital community to build up
    young women through remarkable examples of others who are changing the world around them?
  • What if we used social media to share just plain smile-making and happy-spreading GOOD STUFF ?
  • What if we could help MAKE EVERY DAY A GOOD DAY for young women everywhere?

Sounds great, right? But is it possible? We’re sure going to try.

Nagging doubts are everywhere. For girls, they often start clouding their confidence in middle school. For some, it begins even earlier. was born from a desire to counter that trend and nip those doubts the very second they begin to take root.

We envision a new era in which every young woman believes in herself and is inspired and empowered to make a difference in the world.

What’s going to make GoodDay work is the unstoppable force we’re building. This community will help connect girls, get them talking, guide them, and cheer them along their journey. When that small voice that we often hear whispers discouragement and tells us that we can’t, The Good Day Community will be here shouting “YES, WE CAN!”

It would sure be fun if you came along.
We know we can’t do it alone. What will make Good Day work is the community. So, take action, join the conversation, follow us, contribute, collaborate, share, attend, lift someone up, and help us spread joy.

You in? 

See how you can get involved and help us realize the vision behind the Good Day movement.

For now, let’s focus on taking ownership of today. It’s a Good Day for a Good Day Ladies!

Kara and the Good Day Team

Making every day a good day is simple but not always easy. It takes dedication, passion, and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to make it real.
The Good Day Team is here for you. Come join the movement!