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Creating Space: The Power of “Hello”

Creating Space: The Power of “Hello”

My family moved several times as I grew up, so “new kid” was a name I heard often. Even now, I remember every single, awkward first day of school. If you’ve ever had one -you know those feelings: uncertain, nervous, out of place. When I think of those days and those days that came after, what sticks out more than anything are the moments when someone made me feel welcome.

Whether you’ve been a new kid,joined a new team, or even traveled to a different city, state, or country, those feelings of discomfort are universal -it’s hard to be uncomfy! What we often forget about, though, is how easily we can create that needed space for others with something as simple as a “Hello.”

So today, challenge yourself! Celebrate World Hello Day by creating space for others in these simple ways:

  1. While Holding the Door –This might seem like a small act, but has the power to cause a ripple effect. You never know who might pass through and what they might be experiencing. Whatever they are feeling, this act of kindness can shed bright light on their day. Your smile and simple greeting could empower them to create joy for others.
  2. In Tougher Times – If you notice someone feeling uncomfortable or out of place, create a warm and inviting space by taking the time to say hello. Opening your eyes to the wellbeing of others is a powerful skill, and can serve as a wonderful tool throughout life.
  3. At Your Coffee Shop – Lines aren’t ever fun… But if you have a few extra minutes in your day and you notice someone in a hurry, let them go in front of you! This is the perfect opportunity to create space. All you have to say is, “Hello! Go ahead,” to make someone’s day. Pretty simple, right?
  4. In the Grocery Line – Taking time to say hello, ask someone how their day is, or even chat about the weather might not seem like a big deal. Showing someone you care is, though! The next time you’re in the grocery line, put down your phone and say hello. Chances are you’ll make someone smile.
  5. With an Extra Dose of Courage – Sometimes saying hello takes working up some courage. That’s okay! It can be hard to put yourself out there, but have faith and be brave. One can never know the friendship or opportunity that might be a result of such a small act of courage.

What about you? How do you create space for others? Have any tips for those in need of a little courage? Comment to share your ideas for saying hello. You never know who you might empower to create joy today!

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