Good Day for a Good Day

Why we are here

Girls of all ages face periods of self-doubt. It often starts in middle school, but for some, it begins even earlier. They face questions like: “Will I fit in or stand out? Am I enough? What difference can I make?” They look at their peers’ “highlight reels” on social media and feel left out or inadequate by comparison. It doesn’t always get better after graduation. Did you know that Yale actually offers a class on how to lead happier, more satisfying lives? was born out of a desire to do something to counter this trend. To help make every day, a good day. To create a community that connects young women and gets them talking, builds confidence, guides them to think and act with purpose, and ultimately to spread joy. We at Good Day believe small changes can have wide-reaching effects and we hope you’ll join the movement

Our Mission

We want to inspire and empower young girls to develop confidence, find their voice, and share their gifts to positively impact the world. 

We’re committed to helping girls: 

  • Dream big and find their passion and the courage to pursue their dreams
  • Shift negative perception and break down barriers
  • Surround themselves with like-minded people who lift them up and support their journey
  • Spread joy and help shape a world where a good day, every day is possible

Our Vision

We envision a new era in which every young woman believes in herself and is empowered to make a difference in the world.

Our Values

Good Day provides a welcoming community where we develop, promote, and celebrate:

Courage  We stare down challenges and stretch ourselves (sometimes uncomfortably so), knowing that whether we succeed or stumble, we gain wisdom and confidence from the experience.

 – We respect beliefs that are deeply rooted and lasting for we know they provide clarity of purpose, ignite passion, and drive change.

 – We believe in the profound impact of significant relationships, for they yield empowered, inspired, and creative communities. 

Compassion – We look after ourselves and others with genuine care, appreciating all situations, holding each other accountable, and lifting each other up.

Gratitude – We intentionally turn our lives on a more thankful path, for nothing binds us together more than being grateful for each other and our contributions.

Joy – We value happiness—that which makes us come alive and fills us so profoundly that we can’t help but spread it around. 

What we do

  • We’re building a community of like-minded people united to empower girls to change the world and make it a better place
  • We’re inspiring girls through a good news feed, moving success stories, music, and fun, inspirational goods
  • We’re engaging young women online and in person through a variety of resources, music, and events
  • We’re providing young women and influencers with tools, references, and a network of speakers and thought leaders selected to help change the status quo

But we can’t do it alone. What makes Good Day work is the community. So, take action, join the conversation, follow us, contribute, collaborate, share, attend, lift someone up, and help us spread joy. You In? Join Us ►